Apr 01

The foundation conducts its first community assessment to gather information on target populations and their most critical health needs.In addition to responding to the needs of direct service providers, Michael Reese begins proactively supporting policy analysis, advocacy, organizational capacity building, and collaborative funding and partnerships, both private and public.

The foundation helps create the Chicago Center for Jewish Genetic Disorders (now Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics) to provide up-to-date information, education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, counseling, and referrals. Between 1999 and 2011 alone, Michael Reese support totals nearly $2.3 million. The center becomes a national and international resource for both individuals and institutions such as the Mayo Clinic.

Michael Reese also begins support of the University of Illinois-based Chicago Project for Violence Prevention, which is developing an innovative public health approach to treating community violence. CeaseFire (now Cure Violence) launches in the West Garfield neighborhood the following year.

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