Our Programs

Michael Reese incubates, strengthens and advocates for health solutions to ensure all Chicagoans can live healthy lives.


We take risks on new and experimental ideas to improve the health of all Chicagoans. We partner with Chicago’s visionary leaders in the launch or scale of their innovative solutions. As their partner, we share in the risk of launching a new initiative so they can focus on the work they do best.


We accelerate and strengthen proven solutions to improve the health of all Chicagoans. We partner with nonprofits across Chicago addressing health challenges. Whether scaling up a promising new model or sustaining a long-term, proven program, we are committed to our partner’s success.


We push for lasting change by influencing policy makers to improve the health of all Chicagoans. We partner with grassroots organizations and coalitions to protect and expand healthcare access and to address the underlying causes of health inequality. We know systems change is the only way to fully address Chicago’s health challenges.

Our Priorities

We focus our work on the most pressing health challenges facing Chicago.

domestic violence

We work to prevent and address the
impact of domestic violence.


We work to strengthen partnerships
between health and housing providers.

Healthcare Workforce

We work to develop a skilled and
inclusive healthcare workforce.

Healthy Jewish Community

We work to strengthen our region’s strong network
of Jewish health providers and advocates.

Oral Health

We work to provide quality integrated
oral and primary healthcare services.

School-Based Behavioral Health

We work to systematically address
trauma experienced by Chicago youth.

Community Violence Prevention

We work to decrease violence in Chicago.

Healthcare Coverage

We work to support advocacy to
protect access to
public health benefits.

Stay up to date on all the ways we are working to ensure
all Chicagoans can live healthy lives