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We connect initiatives to develop pathways for a skilled and inclusive health workforce to provide stable and living-wage jobs while creating better quality and accessible care.

Chicagoland’s middle-skill healthcare workforce is growing by more than 14,400 jobs a year. Our grantee partners are getting students and entry-level workers ready to excel in those jobs.

For most Americans, economic stability—money enough to meet current needs and set some aside for the future—is tied to a good job, one that offers steady, safe, living-wage work and the possibility of advancement. 

For all Americans, economic stability has an impact on health.

Metropolitan Chicago has its share of communities in which good jobs are scarce, educational attainment is low and economic stability is elusive. We believe, as do our partners, that growth in our region’s healthcare sector presents us with a real opportunity to change the trajectory of these communities while improving health.

If we can connect young people to jobs that pay well, we can increase their economic stability, which in turn will increase the pool of resources—economic, social and professional—that will one day be available to their children. If we work with employers to meet their needs for high-quality, work-ready healthcare professionals, we can encourage local hiring while improving health care overall. And if we increase the diversity and cultural competence of our healthcare workforce, we can improve patient satisfaction, healthcare utilization and even health outcomes in our increasingly diverse society.

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