A skilled and inclusive healthcare workforce

Healthcare workforce grants


Investments to date

Providing onsite academic, personal, professional, and financial supports to help scholars stay in school, earn a degree, and launch an upwardly mobile career

Grantee: One Million Degrees

Project: Empowering 30 community college students to pursue healthcare careers at Malcolm X College

Amount: $80,000

Addressing systems gaps in recruitment and skilled employment for adolescents and emerging adults from marginalized communities in Chicago

Grantee: Cook County Health

Project: Cook County Careers in Health Care Program

Amount: $127,050

Pooling funds to support collaborations to increase employment, earnings, and racial equity for underprepared workers in the Chicago region.

Grantee: Chicago Workforce Funders Alliance (CWFA)

Project: Chicagoland Healthcare Workforce Collaborative and the broader CWFA work

Amount: $40,000