Our Tools: Grantmaking

Our grantmaking tool is built to accelerate and strengthen proven solutions that improve the health of Chicagoans who are most affected by systemic inequities. Through this tool, we partner with nonprofits across Chicago to launch, scale or sustain strategies that have the potential to better the health of our neighbors.

Through our Domestic Violence priority, we prevent and address the impact of domestic violence. By supporting both survivors and those who cause harm, we work with partners to break the cycle of violence.

By developing pathways for a skilled and inclusive healthcare workforce, we work to accomplish two things. The first is to provide stable, living-wage jobs. And the second is to create better quality and accessible care.

To end homelessness in Chicago, we work with partners to reach as many of those as possible whose health and wellbeing could benefit from stable housing.

As the descendent of Michael Reese Hospital, we honor our Jewish legacy by building the capacity of our city’s strong network of Jewish-led health providers, advocates and services so their resources are more easily within reach to all Chicagoans who need them.