Our Tools: Advocacy

To truly affect health, the underlying causes of health inequities must be addressed. That’s why we partner with grassroots organizations and coalitions who are subject matter experts to advance policies and systems inhibiting the health of Chicagoans.


In 2020, Michael Reese commissioned a report to understand the funding landscape for domestic violence services in Illinois and to make recommendations of how to increase or better allocate that funding. Written by The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence, “Meeting the Needs of Survivors: Reimagining Domestic Violence in Illinois” takes a hard look at how funders, including federal, state and city governments, philanthropy and private donors, could modify funding restrictions in ways that will improve outcomes for survivors and their families. The report outlines the current state of funding and makes recommendations for changes. It also describes innovative models of domestic violence services across the country that Illinois could replicate.

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